Aratinia is a high elf sorceress being played by Queuevian GinaC. (Acanthaceae here and on Steam.)

She appears to be middle-aged for an elf, with long golden hair streaked with silver. She dresses very opulently in robes of silver and gold, though wears a voluminous black velvet hooded cloak over them so as not to stand out too much.

She also has a female white ferret, Lirlee, who usually stays in Ara's sleeve, peeking out now and again. The ferret also seems willing to do the elf's bidding.

In the sewers of Valleydeep, Aratinia mentioned that she is a duchess when the high elf dragon-killer said that she looked familiar and asked where she was from. Ara denied any knowledge of this person and did not disclose any other information.

Ara was especially interested in the locations of gold dragons and asked the historian at the Valleydeep library to give her that information.

While Aratinia and Malaika were traveling down the mountain, the high elf dragon-killer mentioned to the rest of the party that Aratinia was from Nith Serine and that he could take them there. He also mentioned that he knew members of her family, though not in the past century. She was out of earshot and has no knowledge of this conversation.

The halflings of Hillshire were very happy to trade their wands for stories, and Ara told them one about a snowy hilltop kingdom that was filled with thieves and ne'er-do-wells.  One day a dragon appeared and he decided that he was going to turn the kingdom around, and he told the residents so.  20 years later, this came true as the thieves and others left.  How this was accomplished "is a mystery to this day".

When Aratinia cast her Scorching Ray spell at one of the monks in the temple of the Raven Queen, her hands glowed and shone golden, and resembled claws.  She immediately pulled her hands back and hid them in her sleeves after she was finished casting.

Elf queen alan lathwell

"Elf Queen" by Alan Lathwell

(Source material for Aratinia's icon above is "Elf Queen" by Alan Lathwell.  Ara does not wear red, and I didn't feel like color changing the entire piece.)
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