Bresh is a 14-year-old half-orc/half-dwarf Monk being played by Queuevian Luotian (aka Luo).

Monk Heritage Edit

Bresh is from an Orc monastery for the Orc goddess Luthic.

The monastery was founded by those who intended to take in half-orc children and full orc children that have been abandoned to death. They feel it is against the Luthic's wishes that they be killed at birth. The monastery, however, does encourage fighting for fitness among the trainees and won't bat an eye if a stronger student kills a weaker one.

The goal is to create stronger orcs and half-orcs. Females in particular are pushed hard to be strong enough to produce and raise strong sons. When a female reaches adulthood, she is sent out in the world to do something worthy enough that the strongest orc males will consider her for a wife.

They also teach that half-orcs do not exist outside the walls of the monastery except as slaves and they can never be accepted by the other races. They must become strong orcs or die.

Biography Edit

Bresh was born in the monastery where she lived until her 14th birthday. Her mother was a dwarf who was not interested in her half-breed child from a one-night stand. She had sought out the monastery, hearing they would care for unwanted half-orc children, and left her infant there to continue with her life.

Smaller and stouter than most of the other half orcs, Bresh was considered an easy target by the other children. Consequently, Bresh trained harder than the others to survive, becoming deceptively strong for her size as well as adept in several weapons.

Knowing she was considered ugly by orc standards as well because of her unruly curly red hair, Bresh was determined to make herself as useful as possible in hope of winning her longed for husband by proving an asset in teaching their sons strategy, weapons, and languages.

Now that she has reached her 14th year, the traditional year of adulthood for half-orcs, Bresh has left the monastery to prove her courage and is determined to gain fame that no orc clan could deny her as a bride.

It is forbidden for the females of the monastery to shave their heads in honor of their goddess, and before adulthood it isn't allowed at all. The last thing Bresh remembers doing is cutting off as much of her hair as she considered allowable and setting out on her quest-- before finding herself as the submissive secretary in an office building...

Abilities Edit

Bresh is a monk that follows the path of kensei. Her weapons include the boken (short staff) and long bow.

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