Welcome to D&D: Queue EditionEdit

Welcome to the wiki. We’re a group of nerdy Queuevians from BlizzardWatch who decided to band together and start playing Dungeons and Dragons.

The PlayersEdit

Player Character Name Race Class
Lotharfox DM
Acanthaceae/GinaC Aratinia of Nith Serine High elf Sorceress
Ambulance Robots Malaika Crystalsong Pony Satyr Sorceress
Archmage RC Raffy Human Wizard
Cypher Dawn Flarewing Pixie Monk
Dillene Mogador  Half-orc Fighter
Galdwynn Maven Ironheart Hill dwarf Fighter
Husskies Lance Varg Lycanthrope Cleric
Luotian Bresh Half-orc/dwarf Monk
Malkil Zis Kobold Druid
Pumabackup Fharighalt  Half Azerblood/Human Dragon Knight

Summary Edit

In the last episode of D&D Qe, our adventurers continued their battle in the temple of the Raven Queen. Two of the monks dead, and the other three injured, Geralt finally gave up. Fhar took the paladin down, and Raffy had to step around the corner, where she had a minor panic attack, wondering if they'd done the right thing.

Out of combat, the group was able to take their time to figure out the best way to release the energy stored under the temple. After discussion, the group used one of the swords to break a hole in the barrier. This caused the stored magic to shoot into the sky, where it appeared to disperse high in the atmosphere. Using all his strength, Dawn flew up to check, then began to plummet. Ara and Fhar used their own abilities to ensure he didn't hit the ground at maximum velocity.

Raffy, Dawn, Bresh, and Fhar were all outside seeing to this. After Dawn is caught, Raffy suddenly falls over. Bresh sees something flying at her and manages to dodge the tiny needle. Fhar drops after. Running inside, Bresh attempts to warn the others, as a group of ninja elves strikes. Despite their best efforts, the rest of the group is knocked out.

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