Malaika Crystalsong is a pony saytr sorceress being played by Queuevian Ambulance Robots (aka AmRo).

Malaika Crystalsong was born in Everglow to a somewhat unique set of parents: her father was a mineralite pony, her mother human. As such, she was born a bit of both: a pony satyr, with a human upper body, but two furry pony legs and hooves. As per her father’s spiritual tribe, she was also born a mineralite; she has a single shining gemstone embedded in her haunch, instead of a Brand of Destiny.

     Despite having a loving family, ponykind was not the most welcoming of kin. Most ponies cannot tell the difference between humans and any other bipedal race; despite her hooves, fey leanings and mineralite origin, she was less “half-pony” to them and more “hooved human.” The reverse was also true; upon leaving Everglow, she realized that humans often didn’t even recognize that fey ponies even existed. Most were simply regarded as small, odd-colored talking horses (save those of pegasi or unicorn heritage, which harkened immediately to majestic magical beasts). It was, however, easier to pass off her furry legs and fetlocks as a quirk of birth; human metropolis’ saw many races in it’s streets; hooves were the least worrisome of physical traits.

     Given a lack of full recognition by either parent race (despite the wholehearted efforts by both parents), Malaika grew swiftly into a sense of self-sufficiency; relying on others is a luxury to be enjoyed, but never at the expense of providing for your own needs.

The one piece of heritage she cultivates ferociously is her mineralite gemstone. While her father admitted that he never tapped the true potential of his, she was born with an arcane tie to the earth. She adventures now both to strengthen these ties—through extensive exploration of her stoneblood sorcery—and to curry her blood into manifesting the heights of mineralite power.

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