Maven Ironheart is a Hill Dwarf Fighter being played by Queuevian Galdwynn (aka Gald).

Maven is married to a Dwarf named Clara and they have a 9 year old daughter named Trea.  He loved them dearly, though maybe a bit overprotective of Trea.  He worked as an apprentice weaponsmith in his small village of Narn, when Orcs invaded their land.

He spent several years away from his home fighting off an invasion of Orcs, where he rose to become on officer in his clan's army. After being the lone survivor of an ambush, Maven was sent home to rest and recuperate. Upon arriving home, Maven found his village in upheaval.  Orcs had raided his homeland while he was away, and had burned and pillaged almost everything.  He learned Clara and Trea were killed in the raid. 

Maven couldn't stay.  Too many memories, both good and bad.  He set out on his own, searching for he knew not what.  Redemption?  Forgetting?  Anything was better than staying here.  

  Maven is a 40 year old 4'9" Hill Dwarf with gray eyes and long black hair and beard. He has a long sword (his wife's name on one side of the hilt and his daughter's on the other in dwarf runes), round shield with his clan crest on the front, and 2 throwing axes, all he made himself. He wears a shirt of chain mail with a dark green shirt and black pants and boots.  

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